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Dynamic Employer Solutions

is changing the way that business is done in the employee leasing industry. Our team has over 28 years of industry experience. We are dedicated to helping businesses find competitive pricing and programs for all your workers' compensation, payroll services, and benefits needs. Whether you are blue, gray, or white collar, we work with a number of leading employee leasing companies to provide you the best savings, service, and benefits.

Even if you currently use an employee leasing company, Dynamic Employer Solutions can help you by finding a better rate and better customer service. Once we have helped you find the right company

Dynamic Employer Solutions

uses the latest technology and outstanding customer service in order to make signing up a simple process. Once the burden of the tedious background tasks necessary to stay in operation are off your shoulders, you are able to concentrate on what you do best; your business.

PHONE: 352-212-5568 FAX: 813-527-9993


We love our broker partners!

Expand your book of business and bank account by partnering with Dynamic Employer Solutions. With access to a variety of leading PEO's with multi-state coverage and utilizing the state of the art i-linked CRM database, you are able to work and close more deals in less time. You can generate your own leads and let us help you place them with the right PEO, and we can provide you with prospective clients.

Dynamic Employer Solutions provides real time support for brokers and pays monthly residual commissions for any account placed, for the life of the account!

PHONE: 352-212-5568 FAX: 813-527-9993

Property & Casualty Agents

We love our agent partners!

Dynamic Employer Solutions is your solution for hard to place risks that have been declined coverage in the standard market. Offer your clients a PEO solution for their Workers' Compensation and payroll needs, and earn monthly residual income on accounts you would have lost in the past.

  • We can place companies with any type of risk with or without prior coverage, and with or without losses.
  • We can place an account as small as 1 full time employee with $26,000 in annual payroll or large accounts with hundreds of employees and millions in payroll.
  • We can work with the referring agent, the Insured directly, or a combination of both.
  • We can place companies with high Workers' Compensation Mods. Help your client save money on Workers' Compensation premium by placing them with a PEO at a lower rate, and relieving them of the burden of payroll processing / 940 / 941 / W2 filings.
  • You can submit business, track account progress, and communicate instantly with the use of i-linked CRM online database. This CRM promotes complete transparency and accountability so you know exactly what is going on with your accounts.

PHONE: 352-212-5568 FAX: 813-527-9993


We love our PEO partners!

We help place a variety of clients with a broad range of risks. Let us place businesses' with your PEO that need the coverage you specialize in placing. Receive submissions and work them from start to finish with the broker through the CRM.

This CRM allows you to communicate instantly, view all documents, and change account status with the click of a button. Provide proposals, pre-fill and generate internal / external forms, and quote instantly with CRM.

Grow, manage and lower your cost of new client acquisition with submissions from

Dynamic Employer Solutions

PHONE: 352-212-5568 FAX: 813-527-9993


We love our Client Companies!

Here are some advantages you will receive by working with us:
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Safety / Loss Prevention & Controls
  • Payroll Processing
  • Risk Management
  • Human Resource Management
Other Areas of Interest:

Let us help you grow and manage your business better! Our PEO providers take care of all of those time consuming non-revenue generating tasks, giving you the ability to focus on what you do best: running your business. They have teams of experts to take care of payroll processing, tax filings, comp claims, and other employee related HR challenges. Our PEO partners are making sure you are complying with new regulations such as health care reform, new tax laws, and due diligence for workers' comp practices. Contact us today to streamline your business and become more productive.

PHONE: 352-212-5568 FAX: 813-527-9993

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PHONE: 352-212-5568 FAX: 813-527-9993